Written in the Stars

Hope Canyon is just your run of the mill speck on the map. No population to speak of. A blink and you'll miss it town. But sometimes dirt roads hold the best stories.

One day I was driving home, listening to music on the radio, when I heard this tune from Granger Smith called Backroad Song. The lyrics sounded like they could have been written about the place where I grew up. So they got me thinking... what if I wrote a book about life in a small rural town? Where you have to drive thirty miles to get groceries, you only wash the dust off your car for special occasions, and everybody knows your business? 'Cause every backroad has a secret...

The story I ended up telling wouldn't fit in one book, so the Backroads Series was born. It features people who love their small town and people who feel stuck there. People who hang around only for someone else and those who feel too obligated to leave. It's a story about success and failure, finding love and mourning its loss.  ​

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Written in the Dust

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